You’ve invested in driving traffic to your website, but, on average, more than 95 percent of that traffic will leave your website without converting. Getting them to sign up, download material, give you their email address, or purchase your products or services is becoming increasingly difficult during the first visit. You deserve a second chance.

Re-engage by Re-targeting

Re-targeting helps bring those wayward visitors back, and can turn window shoppers into buyers. While traditional paid search marketing places ads within the search results, re-targeting—or re-marketing—extends the interaction with searchers when they visit other sites online after first visiting your website, or by clicking on your paid search ad. This allows clients to re-engage with potential customers and drive higher ROI across your digital program.

Our cost-effective, highly targeted re-marketing strategies can:

  • Hyper-target customers on a specific product or solution
  • Keep your brand top-of-mind with customers after they have left the site
  • Target only the people who have shown interest
  • Increase conversion and click-through rates of your ads by those who have expressed initial interest, but not taken action
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