If search is the voice of the customer, then social media is the conversation. Search marketing and social media are on the brink of a large convergence of two digital media forms. Connections are quickly becoming the virtual currency for brands. A user that likes a company is up to five times more likely to convert later than a non-fan. Our dynamic social media programs help drive exponential growth in fan acquisition on Facebook, followers on Twitter and votes on YouTube, while maintaining industry leading low-cost-per-connection numbers.

Driving Engagement

Google is now deeply personalizing your search results based on your network across a variety of Google and web-related properties. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is taking their own approach by integrating social results from Facebook, letting you not only ask Bing, but ask your friends as well. Covario’s paid media programs are designed to drive additional fan acquisition from friends of fans, drive contest entries, application downloads, poll users and gather feedback. We develop paid social media plans that add those connections, as well as invest in nurturing future engagement with that audience once they’re part of your network or fan base.

Bringing Value to Social Media

What’s the value of a fan? How do you measure your social media program success? We take an approach to social media optimization much like search marketing itself, with calculated tactics and bid strategies to exceed clients’ KPIs. We help our clients increase brand awareness and aid in the consideration of products and services, which directly result in high affinity purchase behavior. We also develop strategies and campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that drive off domains to relevant micro sites and landing pages that are designed to personalize the engagement and ultimately lead to conversion.

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