Content marketing is the creation, syndication, sharing, and promotion of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases.

Your content should be useful and interesting to your audience, serving their needs and wants. Useful content is of interest to web publishers and influencers of social networks, who may introduce your content to their audience. This allows you to reach your audience without search being involved while also sending signals to the search engines so that search will be influenced via social signals and personalization. Furthermore, the content becomes available in Searches done beyond the standard Search Engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing and helps to extend your content’s presence in searches done on other sites where your content is shared.

The Key to our Success

This new focus on relevant, quality content is good news. We consider the development of compelling, distributable, audience appropriate content key to our success. We work with highly influential social media contributors to craft custom content that we can strategically syndicate and promote. We continuously refine our audience alignment, influencer discovery, relationship building, message dissemination and content syndication methodologies to keep up with the fluid nature of the social media.

By using industry leading strategies and tactics our clients gain valuable social signals and diversification to their linking profiles; both are powerful signals of authority and relevancy to the search engines and include:

Keep Up with the Changing Media

We understand where and when to use audience appropriate images, video and text.

Create Quality Content

We know that expertly produced top-of-the-line articles, infographics, videos and interactive pieces boost a company’s web presence.

Strategic Promotion

When is the best time to launch a campaign? What day of the week should it go live and how long should it run? Through advanced data analysis, we know where to keep a presence in the newest and most popular social communities by tailoring messages that are audience appropriate.

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