SEO for Hispanic Markets: Optimize for Opportunity in 2014

The booming U.S. Hispanic population enjoys enviable purchasing power, displaying unique consumer patterns that have brands in a frenzy to earn their business. Despite this, the Hispanic market remains largely underserved in the crucial online ecosystem. Many enterprises continue to rely on English SEO and antiquated services that fail to convert the increasingly discerning and multilingual Hispanic population. Tapping into this decisive market requires building trust first and foremost; nowhere is this easier for brands to do than in today’s evolving online SEO environment.

Deliver Smarter Cross-Channel Online Marketing Opportunities with Attribution Modeling

With an increasing number of channels available, attribution modeling has become a critical component of successful digital marketing. However, attribution modeling can be quite complex for large and small advertisers alike. In order to reduce this complexity, it is vital to understand the benefits of various attribution models. Some models will work better than others, depending on how your data is processed, and it’s important to understand this before adopting an attribution model.

Increase Shares, Tweets, Likes and Pins to Fuel Search and Drive Engagement

There are ways in which marketers can increase the likelihood of users sharing content up to 50 percent. By utilizing these techniques, both national and local businesses can harness the power of social signals to increase engagement, boost exposure through natural search results, drive smarter search ROI through smarter content creation/delivery, and ultimately produce incremental conversions.

What is the economic impact of SEM services? Is it worth it?

As marketers discover new and more effective ways to manage their digital marketing efforts, they often turn to outside search engine marketing sources to aid their efforts. But, how does a marketer understand the true value of utilizing an agency and justify that expense within their overall budget?

True Bounce Rate – De-duping bounce rate to gain a more accurate benchmark of website visitor levels

Bounce rate is a term and metric used within Web analytics systems; it is the measurement of visitors who enter a Web page and “bounce,” or leave, the page without continuing to view other pages within the website. The bounce rate is usually measured as a percentage rather than an absolute value. This white paper will discuss and provide a remedy for creating a website’s “true bounce rate” in relation to one IT-related accessibility factor: page load speed.

Business Case and Strategy for Executing Mobile SEO Programs in Large Advertisers

Is 2012 the year when mobile hits the big time in the US and most key advertising markets? For search advertisers—mobile advertising, both organic and paid—has been “next year’s opportunity” for years. Investment continues to be muted, limited to web development projects—where SEO considerations are often secondary to creating basic functionality. On paid search, Covario sees that mobile represents less than 5% of overall all paid search advertising spend.  However, with Google’s recent decision to buy Motorola, the interaction of mobile technology and advertising is being integrated and solidified.

Covario’s Search Engine Optimization Audit Score v3.0

For advertisers leveraging search engine optimization (SEO), having a data-driven understanding of how investments in SEO will drive online results is a difficult problem.  The reactions of the search engines (Google, Baidu, Bing, etc) seem unpredictable, and often are – being driven by changing algorithms from the engines, competitive changes, and the ever-changing context of the world wide web.

Google Search Query Volume Estimates

Knowing the total number of people searching on a keyword is something search marketers have attempted to garner for years from the search engines. Why?

Does Facebook Like Your Brand?

The success of Facebook in attracting consumers is undeniable, and its importance as an advertising platform is growing.  Advertisers know this—they have spent the last 3-4 years constructing Facebook pages, testing advertising on Facebook, and trying to figure out how to engage customers on the platform.  Agencies are aggressively investing in building practices to help advertisers execute strategies on Facebook.  Conduct a search on Google for “Facebook Advertising” and one will see an almost daily change in agencies and products vying for the attention of advertisers to help them be great on Facebook.

Covario Algorithmic SEO™

The value of “long tail” optimization to derive SEO benefits is significant.  For large websites, which have tens of thousands of pages, it is estimated that approximately only 5% of the pages actually get manually optimized.  This leaves a 95% opportunity to increase traffic and drive conversions via the unexploited pages.  (Note: This information and these numbers were based on a survey of advertiser websites included as part of this research paper.)

Building a Digital Center of Excellence

There is no dispute that digital advertising is an accepted and key aspect of the media mix for nearly any advertiser nowadays. However, building a highly scalable digital practice is a challenge — and a necessity —for large advertisers that span many geographies and many product lines.